Saturday, December 27, 2014

'Night of Cake and Puppets', Laini Taylor

I mentioned that book in my TBR pile for 2015 but I couldn't resist on reading it. This is about cute, teen love and maybe you won't expect much but Laini Taylor has written word porn. WORD PORN, I tell you. 
Night of Cake and Puppets is a spin-off of the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy which means it's not necessary to have read the other books. Everything you need to know is exposed in the first chapter.
Zuzana is Carou's best friend. She is a 4'8'' person but is vengeful for the whole planet, mostly because of her bigger brother Tomas. She has a twisted mind and her Deda used to tell her creepy bedtime stories when she was a child.

Truly, if I ever turn out to be a murderer or something, the newspapers can pretty much say, She didn’t have a chance to be normal. Her family twisted her from the day she was born.

Also, something less creepy and more innocent, she is a puppet-maker. A puppet-maker, fallen in love. What Zuze knows about him is:
  1. His name is Mik.
  2. He plays violin in the same theater she makes puppets for.
Mik, happily, knows more about her. (Yes, the story has two points of view, thank you, Laini!) He knows WHOLE FOUR THINGS! Well, three. The fourth is a quality. But at least he knows about her love for cake. If someone had a secret crush on me, I'd love him to know about my love for chocolate, and, yeah, cake, I lovelovelove cake. You don't know how sad I felt when Zuze had cake. Chocolate cake. Much tears, very wow, I want cake.
This is when the magic happens.
Scoopies are what Carou has - little beads, everyone with a unique pattern, and they make wishes come true. Simple, super small wishes, but Zuzana is satisfied. Scoopies are enough for her to... Well, read the goddamn book and find out what she does with her five scoopies. It is cute. It is magical. It is what I needed those days.
I needed something like that right then - I had more Christmas spirit in November rather than now, and my Christmas wasn't much Christmas-y at all. I didn't have a Christmas tree, only two garlands and three meters of Christmas lights in my room, that's it. I didn't know what magic was and I had lost my excitement.
Until I read that book.
For a reader, books are the little magic everyone wants, hopes for and or needs. And if you don't believe me, read Night of Cake and Puppets

Life doesn’t need magic to be
(But a little bit sure doesn’t hurt.)
Книгата не е преведена на български, но я има безплатно в интернет в pdf формат само като ebook. Самата книга няма paperback/hardcover издание (за съжаление.)

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