Thursday, January 8, 2015

What is the vocabulary of a person in love? 'The Lover's Dictionary', David Levithan

love, n.
I'm not going to even try.

  An actual small dictionary describing the different stages of love with (mostly) uncommon, beautiful words. This book represents the story of a couple who met on an online dating site. Something neither of them does.
  Everything started well. Laughing. jokes. common things - like their love for The Charlotte's Web; even the sex was good either in a rent-a-car place or on the floor. What is so good about sex on the floor? The narrator says you don't even feel the floor.

alfresco, adv.
...You fell quiet, gestured for me to listen. The sound of the
woods, the feel of the air. The wine settling in my thoughts.
The sky, so present. And you, watching me take it all in.
Naked to the world. The world, naked to us.

  I'm not going to quote the whole book. At least going to try. It is too hard. I read Will Grayson, Will Grayson last year which is co-written by David Levithan and I enjoyed his parts more than John Green's. Levithan is really good with words and his writing style is absolutely perfect.
  By heart, I will always love romantic books and not only classic romantic novels but also young adult. And while fangirling with my mom about 'Wuthering Heights' which she just reread and with which she completely fell in love, I was drowning in a contemporary romantic world. And I liked it. I stopped being so judgemental about young adult books and I like it.
  This isn't a great read for St. Valentine's - it is a little depressing. But it shows love at its real form - funny, awkward, difficult, a little dramatic, a little sad, a little happy and cute. And if two people are destined to be together, they will fit - just like California and Nevada.

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